Monday, January 12, 2009

World Wide SketchCrawl turnout

Saturday was the 21st SketchCrawl started in 2004. People from all over the world attend local gatherings to sketch and hang out, then post their sketches for the world to see on their website.

The Tucson division met downtown at Bruegger's Bagels and had a great demo/tutorial by local artist, Deanna Thibault. She taught us all her technique of doing contour drawing with a sharpie while looking at the object, but never looking at your paper. It produced a piece of lineart that you then color in with watercolor or whatever media you enjoy. Here is my attempt:

The rest of the afternoon, I spent sketching at the renovated El Presidio. They had a number of people dressed in period costumes from the 1800s. They also had traditional dishes being cooked and thankfully a warm fire going on a rather cool Tucson morning.

I finished off the day sketching downtown at Stone and 6th. I'd like to ultimately turn this one into a pastel painting, as all of the individual buildings have their own color and feel.


Jennie Norris said...

This sounds awesome Kerrie! Let me know next time, I would love to go with you!!

Jason said...

I like this one - Stone and 6th, I'm not a fan of pastels but in pencil it's cool