Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Life Drawing Mondays…

Monday morning I attended the Life Drawing session at The Drawing Studio in downtown Tucson. It's been a little over a year since I've been and they have a wonderful new facility. It's always inspiring being downtown especially during business hours. I will definitely make this a weekly event if I can find the time.

I tried a few different techniques this session, starting with quick 1 minute charcoal gestures. These are meant to loosen you up and to quickly get the idea of the image in a quick manner. I generally do as many as possible on one sheet and don't worry about the direction. This session, I tried to focus mostly on portraits and used charcoal, conté, water soluble graphite, ink pen (forcing myself to not be able to erase) and white charcoal on black paper.

In all my years drawing and even in college I have never tried drawing with white charcoal on dark paper. I had to force myself to think backwards and only paint highlights.


Christine said...

Your ability to draw amazes me!

Sunrise said...

Wish there were somewhere around here that offered this. I so miss life drawing and I know I've gotten rusty. Gary Keimeg's class was my life blood for three years and now all that old newsprint is turning yellow and falling apart.