Saturday, April 11, 2009

Five artists I’d like to meet in my lifetime…

I am constantly amazed at the amount of great illustration, design and artwork out in the world. At times it is overwhelming—I feel like, does the world need one more illustrator? At other times (luckily most times) it is very inspirational. Here are five artists I'd like to meet in my lifetime, some living, some not. Hope it gives a little insight into what I love in the world.
  1. Wassily Kandinsky: While I studied fine art at Colorado State University, I was opened up to the world of abstract art. I never liked it before as most of the art I had seen was ridiculous, cheap, an attempt at being unique with nothing to say. Then a slide of Kandinsky's popped up on screen and I was immediatly smitten. Mr. Kandinsky was not always an abstract artist and painted quite attractive landscapes, but it was his use of music as inspiration that caused him to paint some of his most famous and in my opinion greatest works. This period of art speaks to me like no other artwork has.
  2. Frank Cho: A master of the human form and a great cartoonist too.
  3. Disney’s Nine Old Men: Considered the forefathers of modern animation these guys did it all in the Disney studio. I can only imagine what could be learned by these animated greats.
  4. Nick Park: The creator of Wallace and Gromit. Can’t say much more than I would love to work with such a talented artist—even painting teeny tiny backgrounds would be a dream.
  5. Troy Bayliss: OK, maybe not an artist in the way most people think, but to me, he’s one of the greatest athletes I’ve ever seen. While finely skilled as a motorcyclist, it’s the omni-present smile and good will that is visible on this man in every photo I've ever seen of the guy that immediately caught my attention.

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