Monday, August 3, 2009

You Win Some, You Lose Some…

A number of months ago I was asked to present some sketches and rough concepts for a children's book by an author in Yuma Arizona. Ultimately, they went with another illustrator, but I wanted to show my concepts for the artwork. I presented a number of different characters for the author to choose from and then worked up one in full-color. I went very Photoshopy, though I've moved away from that style in most of my work now. It's too fussy and very time intensive. I prefer the illustrator look to my newer art now.

When I first started out as an illustrator, I would get frustrated with myself for not getting the job. Did I not draw it right, was I not quick enough, was the color wrong? The only thing I can say, is this is how I draw and work and I'm constantly trying to hone my illustration skills so that you immediately know it's a Kerrie Robertson illustration. I am so very far from being there! So, these are the fireflys I presented.

After refining some of the characters I presented this turnaround to show how the firefly would look in different poses and angles.

I also worked up some page thumbnails to show how I would lay out the story.


pat said...

Pretty cute piece, Kerrie. Your drawing ablility is evident in your sketches. I have the least amount of ability to transpose my sketches into computer aided art...but I keep trying anyway. I think there is a point, though, where less computer and more you is going to produce art that is more satifisfying to the viewer. But then, I'm probably just a dinosaur.

Arabian Acres said...

Can you say Disney? I can't belive THEY haven't contacted you yet.