Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Book Cover Illustration

This particular illustration was based off of very specific requests from the author. I also supplied a design of my own that he ultimately chose—but the book's not out yet, so I won't post that one until it's available! One thing specifically requested was to see both the setting sun and the moon hanging low over the horizon. Because of the brightness of the sun and the relatively poor reflectivity of the moon, it is nearly impossible to see both at the same time, unless they are rather far apart in the sky. I justified this—in my own mind at least— by putting the sun as far to the right as possible and the moon as far left as possible as though the entire thing was shot through a fish-eye lens.

I illustrated the entire thing in PhotoShop and used a combination of transparent shapes and a photograph I had taken of an Arizona sunset. I wanted the colors muted because of the serious tone of the novel.

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